Making A Splash at the Reno River Festival

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RENO, NV - The Reno River Festival kicked off a weekend of fun on the Truckee River Friday afternoon. Hundreds of people gathered at Wingfield Park to watch whitewater enthusiasts from all over the world compete and take in the festivities.

“There is so much stuff to do here,” Betsy McDonald of the Reno River Festival said. “We have music going on in the amphitheater; we have the splash dogs, food carts, tons of local vendors. It’s a great way to participate in your local community and enjoy everything we have to offer here in Reno.”

Reno reggae band Keyser Soze headlines Friday night’s show at the amphitheater.

“We have a lot of friends with kids and we play in bars a lot of the time,” Jammel Tarkington of Keyser Soze said. “So this is a great way to just come out into the community and play some music for people. They can come check it out and it’s a free show so that’s a great thing.”

High temperatures coaxed a lot of people into the Truckee River and onto a giant inflatable slide set up on First Street.

“We’ll be having a big Father’s Day party so push your dad down the world’s biggest inflatable slide, the whole family will enjoy it!” McDonald said.

There’s also a yoga session in the park Saturday morning for those who want to limber up before the annual Run Amuck. Event organizers are expecting a good turnout all weekend long.

“We came here to support the Reno River Festival, have a good time and get a little bit of exposure for our business,” Mike Ball of the Cycle Pub said. So far it’s been pretty mellow, it’s been nice to listen to the bands and see all the vendors. Everyone’s been really supportive of the Cycle Pub.”

Reno Aces mascot Archie stopped by the party before Friday’s game.

“I’m having a good time checking out some of the kayak events, watching the dogs jump in the water,” Archie said. “We’re just trying to promote the Reno Aces; we’ve got a great weekend of baseball ahead of us!”

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