Major Flash Flooding in Douglas County

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, NV - Douglas County agencies and departments are working on flood recovery measures in the Fish Springs Area as a result of flash flooding the night of August 6.

The county has provided information to assist people affected by flooding and to provide information on public safety concerns. This incident produced hazardous conditions due to the amount of water and dark evening hours, and created safety concerns and inhibited immediate damage assessment.

“The only thing worse than a flash flood is a flash flood at night,” said Chief Tod Carlini. "Our primary concern was for the safety of area residents and our responders and being able to access properties for emergency response. Flash flooding of any type is serious and dangerous, and one occurring at night is wrought with additional hazards to the public and responders alike.”

Current road closures are Mel Road and Jo Lane. These roads are going to be closed until further notice during the cleanup efforts.

Areas affected include Sierra Spirit Ranch, Blue Sage Road, Jacobson Road, Fish Springs Road, Sanchez Lane. It's estimated 9 residents have interior damage and multiple residences were flooded, plus yards and landscapes were damaged, along with structures and outbuildings.

East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Road Department, and Douglas County Search and Rescue are assisting residents, as necessary, conducting damage assessment and debris removal from public roadways. The local utility companies are working to restore power and phones in the Fish Spring area, and have predicted restoration by Thursday afternoon.

Public officials are asking the public to remain out of the area unless you are a homeowner or resident or have a business in the area. When driving in this area, you are asked to slow down in this area as heavy equipment and emergency personnel are still working.

The county says concerns for the public are the potential for undermined roads, trees and foundations. Caution should be used when the public is in and around this area. The public should be on the lookout for any hazardous materials to include propane tanks that may have been dislodged during the flood or other hazardous materials deposited by flood waters. If you come into contact with an immediate concern about a hazardous material, please notify the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District or your utility company immediately.

The Douglas County Emergency Reverse 911 system is down due to an unexpected failure of the system. The County has a tentative August 15, 2014 date for restoration of the system. The National Weather service issues appropriate warnings from its radar system. If Douglas County needs to issue evacuation notices, the Emergency Alert System will be activated.

Tentative weather forecasts indicate additional thunderstorms are forecasted for the next several days. Residents in flood-prone areas are encouraged to monitor the daily forecasts.

If you think your well head has gone below the level of the water and contaminated your well site, please contact:

Nevada State Health Laboratories
1660 North Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 688-1335

Should any resident have issues with sewer contamination or septic system exposure, please contact the Douglas County Building Department (Valerie Nunes) at (775) 782- 6222.