Mail Theft Investigation Linked to Two Arrests

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RENO, NV - Postal inspectors are looking at a case of mail theft at a Reno apartment complex.

The mail was taken from a community mailbox at the Montebello complex in northwest Reno, but investigators don't know exactly when.
It was first discovered when residents stopped getting their mail.

The investigation really got going when Kenneth Hall and Sarah Powers were pulled over in Sparks last month. The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says a deputy linked Hall's license plate to a parole and probation violation.

The deputy says in the car was a bunch of mail that didn't belong to Hall or Powers, and some of it has now been connected to people who live at the Montebello.

So far, all the charges are related to drugs, forgery and parole, but the US Postal Inspection Service is investigating further.

There's no word yet whether this has happened at other community mailboxes, too. For now, the recommendation is: don't leave outgoing mail in a mailbox overnight, since that's when people looking for mail with checks and other valuables are most likely to strike.

Kenneth Hall, connected to mailbox theft/Courtesy Washoe County JaIl
Sarah Powers, connected to mailbox theft/Courtesy Washoe County Jail