Mackay Smoking Area to Stay Despite University Ban

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RENO, NV - Smoking has been banned on the University of Nevada campus for a month and so far the policy has been working.

"It has been going great. We have a lot of participation from faculty, staff and students. We get a lot of positive feedback from them as well,” said Enid Jennings, Health Educator at the University of Nevada.

Thursday, September 3, 2015, the policy will meet its first real challenge as football fans pack into Mackay Stadium. In preparation for the game, signs reading ‘Please help support our tobacco-free university’ have been placed at stadium entrances.

The tobacco ban on campus officially started August 1, 2015. If caught, smokers, vapers, and chewers will be asked not to use tobacco products. No fines are associated with the ban.

"We've asked our students, our faculty to support the initiative. They have chosen the initiative for our campus, so we are going to ask the same thing of visitors to our campus," said Jennings.

KOLO 8 News Now called the University of Nevada Athletics Department. Spokesman Chad Hartley says the department 100% supports the no-smoking initiative, but will not be removing the designated smoking area at Mackay Stadium. Athletics officials are concerned if smokers do not have a designated area, they will smoke wherever they want.

The designated smoking area is at the north end of Mackay Stadium, under the scoreboard.

University health educators still hope people comply with the tobacco ban.

"During game days we'll continue to just ask people to cooperate with the policy and provide that education piece," said Jennings.

The smoking ban in stadium seats will still be strictly enforced. You can be kicked out of the game if you are smoking in non-designated areas.