MDA Helps Northern Nevada Residents

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RENO, NV-- The Muscular Dystrophy Association is one of the leading nonprofit health organizations sponsoring research in the fight against neuromuscular diseases.

Sunday KOLO will be broadcasting the MDA “Show of Strength” telethon that benefits locals like Sparks resident Timothy Bennett who has been battling a condition called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. It has affected Bennett’s muscle tissue since he was ten years old.

"Basically my muscles are drying up and everything is going numb,” Bennett said.

Bennett and his family have been receiving help from the MDA for the last seven years. Receiving help with medical bills and his maintenance on his wheelchair.

"Without the wheelchair I wouldn't be able to go anywhere,” Bennett said. “I would be immobile."

MDA has local grant programs that fund a clinic in Reno headed by Dr. Timothy Louie. The clinic provides research data in the battle against MD.

"Without the funding the fight would be nowhere,” Dr. Louie said. “You have to have money to do research and you have to have a lot of money to do a little bit of research."

Dr. Louie also hopes the MDA can learn from the success ALS has experienced with social media and the ice bucket challenge.

"It shows us a way we can all get together and challenge ourselves to try and raise money to fight disease," Louie said.

The show of strength telethon starts Sunday at 9 p.m on KOLO with performances by Rascal Flatts and LeAnn Rimes.