Lyon Officials May Zone Out Marijuana Dispensaries

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FALLON, NV - SB374, passed this year by the Nevada Legislature, allowed for one medical marijuana dispensary in each of Nevada's 14 rural counties, more in each of the state's urban areas.

The question at the moment is if Lyon County will have any.

The bill contained language that said any dispensary must fit local zoning restrictions and there's a movement here to use that clause to block them.

Last week, County Commissioner Virgil Arellano introduced a proposed zoning ordinance that would effectively bar any marijuana outlet in the unincorporated areas of the county.

The proposal raises legal questions, but District Attorney Bob Auer says he's confident the county could defend it.

Arguing for the ban, Sheriff Allen Veil says other states have seen a rise in crime in areas surrounding marijuana outlets.

The ordinance doesn't cover the county's two incorporated cities, leaving the towns of Yerington and Fernley free to make their own decisions. What they might do isn't known, but Sheriff Veil has told others he's already asked city officials in Fernley to take similar action.

If all Lyon County governments block any dispensaries, those seeking marijuana for medical purposes would have two options--get it elsewhere or grow their own.

The new state law allows patients who live more than 25 miles from a dispensary to have up to 14 plants.

A hearing before the county commission on the proposed ordinance will be held October 3rd.