Luxury Loo

A lot of planning went into Friday evening's Children's Cabinet "Art of Childhood" annual fundraiser at the Governor's Mansion.

Besides the stemware, flatware and napkins, organizers thought a lot about the portable potties.

“When you have 500 people at an event, you want to make sure you have quality,” says Mike Pomi, Executive Director of Children's Cabinet.

The final decision came down to the top of the line rest room.

And they are called rest rooms for a reason.

With running water, a flushable toilet, and even air conditioning--there's no other word to describe them,

“It's top of the line for us,” says Vince Sciarrotta, Owner of Nevada Johns.

Sciarrotta says the luxury loos are more expensive than the standard outhouse to rent.

Typically reserved for weddings and other fancy events, they can even come with an attendant.

And the company has two, even larger cabins.

Big enough to change clothes if you have to.

Oh how far we've come to go