Local Radio Personality Helps Fire Victim Who Lost Everything

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RENO, NV - After a woman loses everything in a mobile home fire, a local radio station personality steps in to help her get back on her feet.

It was just after 3am on May 29th when flames started shooting out of a mobile home near Kietzke and Gentry Way.

Now, Inez Avalos has to start over, without her home, and the five dogs she considered family.

Ron James, our news partner at Wild 102.9, has been following Inez's story and wanted to do something to help.

So, he called her son Walter, and told them to come to the station Wednesday morning, but didn't say why.

Little did Inez know there were three surprises in store.

First, Ron called the Nevada Humane Society. They donated a care package with everything Inez needs to start a new family.

They also gave her a gift certificate for a free adoption and brought a pup, like one of the ones she tragically lost, she can adopt whenever she's ready.

"While there is no specific time frame for someone to come back and adopt again, obviously you're not replacing that pet but animals bring such joy and unconditional love when you need it most," says Kimberly Chandler with the Nevada Humane Society.

Losing her dogs has been one of the hardest parts for Inez.

"The fire took everything away from me," says Inez.

Next, Ron got Mattress Discounters to give Inez a complete bed set. But it didn't stop there, Ron had one more trick up his sleeve.

He set up a donation fund through Wells Fargo so people can help Inez.

"I was watching this story, and it grabbed me, it grabbed a piece of my heart, and I was thinking I get so many wonderful things I just thought she needed this. It wasn't a second thought I just had to help her out," says Ron.

Inez can't believe a stranger's generosity.

"It's like over whelming, people I don't even know are helping me, it's just, I don't even know how to express it," says Inez.

Inez says she wants to start a new home in the same neighborhood because her neighbors have been so supportive.

She's thankful for strangers like Ron, who felt it in his heart to help.

If you would like to donate, you can go to any Wells Fargo and tell them you are donating to the Inez Avalos fund. The account number is 8277740547.