Local Website Helps Make Decisions

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RENO, Nev. -- Making a major decision isn't always easy. Some consult with family and friends; others may make a pro and con list. Now, there is a website launched by local entrepreneurs, designed to help you through these tough decisions. It is not like Yelp or Angie's List. The website takes away those review biases and uses stats based on collective intelligence.

Whether it's picking the best car for you or finding the best schools for your kids, many would just like anything to help us see the bigger picture and make the decision for us.

"There are so many choices out there all the time," one Reno resident said.

It's not always easy to make them.

"I tend to be a person who likes to get other people's input," anther Reno resident said.

A former cyber security technician has designed a tool to help with your indecision, using your demographics and other people's experiences.

"You have to make decision-making and the recommendations or the options you're considering in a decision, objective," James Estle, CEO of Inqiri.com, said.

Unlike other Q&A sites and surveys, Inqiri removes personal reviews and backs up the recommendations with science.

"Everybody goes into a decision with a certain set of criteria and the interesting thing is ultimately this is how we make decisions anyway," Estle said. "If you ever thought about a decision, you're trying to make you think about different aspects of it."

It's simple. You enter your open-ended question, pick your own criteria, rate them and let people from all over the world give you the best options.

"As more people participate, they generate more options and more criteria so if I think A and B are really good options and you think C and D are good options, together we have A, B, C and D to consider.

However, like any decision, it shouldn't be rushed; your answer won't be instant.

"Unlike a voting system or a rating system where it reaches a point and stops, as people add more criteria, or they add new options, their results may change," Estle said. "Your inquiry might show certain results but over time as more people participate, those results might change."

This is not a site for procrastinators, so if you need a decision made now, it's probably not for you; you'll have to wait a couple of days for feedback.