Local Students Create Anti-Bullying Campaign

RENO, Nev. The Student Advisory Board, a group of 28 student leaders from 14 high schools, introduced its new anti-bullying campaign, Mind the Gap, to the Washoe County Board of Trustees Tuesday.

The goal of the campaign is to close the gap created by physical appearances by recognizing and celebrating the diversity.

The idea of 'Mind the Gap' came to the students from a sign in London subways.

"They have [Mind the Gap] on the floor, and it's kind of be careful with that gap from where the subway is and where you're suppose to be standing," Maria Toca-Ruiz, a senior at Galena High School said.

The students are now using the saying to warn people of the gap caused by diversity, and they're trying to close it with this campaign.

The students say most of the bullying they see is caused by people's differences. But they also say bullying has taken on a new form, thanks to social media.

"I think that kids have become really good at hiding it," Madi Eckert, a junior at Reno High School and the one who thought of the slogan 'Mind the Gap", said.

"It's a lot easier to get away with it online rather than doing it face to face in school."

As part of the campaign, the students are filming a video about what bullying and accepting diversity means to them. They are planning to show the video in all 14 high schools in Washoe County.