Local Storm Preparations

SPARKS, NV - At Gandolfo Arena, City of Sparks Crews are prepping trucks for the winter weather ahead.

The machinery can make up to four thousand gallons of brine solution an hour.

By the time we had caught up with drivers, they had pretty much covered most of the city's major roadways this year with five trucks.

“Last year we had three trucks; it took two days to get the whole city. This year we have 5 trucks. We started at about 7 o'clock this morning. I'm anticipating within a couple of hours we'll have pretty much all the roads we need to get done,” says Larry Kolstrup, the city of Sparks cruise supervisor.

The brine solution is laid down now, in anticipation of the snow laying down on it.

Once snowplows take the road, the ice and snow are picked up more easily.

“Once the snow event is happening, when conditions are just right we can't put it down again. Otherwise, it's like ice cream. You put salt down on the road and the existing precipitation that is already there on the snow and ice, it's going to dilute it and make a bad situation worse. It will just turn right back into ice,” says Kolstrup.

The Department of Transportation says it hasn't started with brining the roads just yet; they are monitoring weather forecasts to make sure exactly where the snow, and not rain, will hit.

Trucks and crews are all preparing to attack the snowy roadways wherever the spot on the highways may be.

This is their first major storm of the year as it will be for local drivers; it's a good time to remember and share the road.

“This is the first storm of the season for us as well as for everyone else. So it's a good warm-up. We ask people to just have patience and leave a bit early,” says Thor Dyson with Nevada's Department of Transportation.