Local Red Cross Mobilized for Hurricane Sandy Relief

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RENO, Nev. -- Today the Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross accepted donations outside the Atlantis. They're getting ready to send more people out east to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.

The local Red Cross has already sent more than a dozen volunteers to the East Coast, and Saturday, for the first time, they're sending an emergency response vehicle to New York to help with recovery efforts.

"Sandy is going to be much larger than Katrina ever was and that's amazing," said Clara Andriola of the American Red Cross, Northern Nevada Chapter. "The hurricane, in terms of acreage, is three to four times the amount in terms of spread and people are without power, water, shelter so we're there to provide whatever we need."

Outside the Atlantis on Friday donations came pouring in.

"I haven't seen as much outpouring of support as this we're getting so many donations by people who are driving by with checks, money and the high quantity and volume blows me away," said Tomas Prower of Americorps for the American Red Cross.

On Saturday an emergency response vehicle will head east in order to help thousands affected by the storm. Fifteen northern Nevada volunteers have already headed east and dozens more will deploy in the next few days.

"Contributions are really needed now," said Andriola. "When we deploy these people we're putting them on airplanes, in rental cars, we're mobilizing vehicles and food. Just yesterday, we served over 100,000 snacks and meals and it's anticipated to go for several days and weeks if not longer."

The local Red Cross is always looking for donations and new volunteers.