Local Microchipping Program Surpassing Expectations

RENO, NV - Animal Control introduced its free microchipping program just 4 months ago. At the time they had a goal of microchipping 5,000 local pets in a year. They are already more than halfway to their goal.

Bobbi Taylor is here at Washoe County Animal Control for two reasons.

She's looking for her dog Scout---missing from the Spanish Springs area for the last 16 days, and to get her dog Maggie microchipped.

”No pain for the dog, Its going to keep her safe and hopefully I wish I had done it with my other dog and I would have had a chance to get him back home,” says Taylor from Sun Valley.

Taylor says since both dogs were always in her sight, microchipping never occurred to her.

But with the loss of Scout, she says the free program is well worth it.

The process takes only a matter of minutes.

The chip will let animal control know who the animal is, and where it belongs.

“Don't bring them here. It relieves the stress on the animal get them home where they belong,” says Barry Brode, with Washoe County Animal Control.

Brode says initial estimates show the agency could save at least $60,000 a year with the free microchipping program.

If they administer more than 5,000 chips before the end of the year, Brode says they'll simply go above and beyond that goal.

A series of microchip clinics are scheduled in April and May.

Petco at 5565 South Virginia in Reno will host a clinic on Saturday April 13 from 10am to 3pm.