Local Gun Sales Up

Standing room only at Bizarre Guns.

That's not to say it's not busy this time of year, it is.

But according to the manager, sales are up by 50%.

“A little bit of everything. Handguns are going,” says Manager John Clement, when asked what people are buying.

Clement says the big sellers right now, Glocks--handguns most used by law enforcement and A-R-15 rifles.

It's semi automatic, and Clement says often mislabeled as an assault rifle.

“Assault rifle by government definition is capable of firing full auto. These are not. They are semi-automatic. People use them for hunting. But we are selling a lot of them because people are afraid. They've been contemplating it and now they've said ok I've made a decision. I'm gonna get one. There's no such thing as an evil gun,m or a bad gun. Bad people do bad things with guns.”

Newtown shooter Adam Lanza used an A-15 style rifle to kill 20 first graders at their school along with 5 adults.

Many politicians including President Obama say they support reinstating a ban on weapons like the A-R-15.

That ban was allowed to expire in 2004.

It's a move Clement calls foolhardy.

He points out Columbine occurred during that ban---and history tells him bans on guns only work in favor of criminals.

“Gun control just doesn't work. History has proven it. I don't know what else to say. If you can't look at the empirical evidence and see how its failed, I'm sorry whether you are a politician or just a gun control freak, you are nuts,”says Clement.

Clement says he wishes everyone on both sides would simply take a breath.

He says such emotion doesn't guarantee good gun laws, or good responsible gun owners