Local Girl Organizes Donation Drive for Veterans' Guest House

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RENO, NV - Eleven-year-old Morgan Langdon and her grandfather are going through the bags and bins they just delivered to the Veterans' Guest House on Locust Street. The bins are full of items that aren't glamorous, but are necessary.

"There's a lot of household items in there, like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates," says Morgan.

Things the guest house goes through quickly for the hundreds of families it serves each year.

"We have so many people coming and going and we go through supplies. If you think of your own house and how fast you might go through something, multiply that by 19 people. Every day," says Linda Grace, program manager for the Veterans Guest House.

All of those donations are the result of Morgan's hard work organizing a donation drive for a place that's close to her heart. Not only is her grandfather a Vietnam Veteran, it was his generosity that inspired her.

"Well, my grandfather, George Martinez, for his 60th birthday, he brought about the same amount of items for the veterans guest home himself, so I decided to follow in his footsteps," she says.

She actually tried to "one up" him, she says. And it looks like she surpassed his donation. The Swope Middle School student started putting up fliers in January at her school, encouraging fellow students and people in the community to donate. And by delivery day today, she had more than 600 items to hand over to the guest house and more than $350.

"It's amazing," says George Martinez, Morgan's grandfather. "I'm so proud of her.
So proud."

"It means the world to us. And it's just so inspiring when a person like Morgan at such a young age is so generous and giving," says Linda Grace.