Local Fraternity Holds 30-Hour Board Game Marathon for Charity

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RENO, NV - Some of the best memories are made not with technology, but with friends and a good old-fashioned board game. From April 5-6, a local fraternity is going back to basics by holding a marathon board game tournament to help local veterans.

Munchkin, Kingdom Builder and Commander & Colors Napoleonics aren't your typical board games, but at Merwins Game Shoppe, they are classics.

'I love them; I love board games," said Vincent Rivera, Sergeant in Arms for Omega Delta Sigma (ODS). "It's a way to focus. It's competition. We're vets. We're competitive."

Members of the Omega Delta Sigma coed fraternity will be playing board games for 30 hours straight with no sleep to raise money for a good cause.

"When it comes to Greek life on campus, a lot of fraternities and sororities do very similar fundraisers, so we wanted to try something different because we're also kind of different within that community," said David Lee, president of ODS.

Each hour is being sponsored by donors. Part of the proceeds from the game marathon will go toward the Veterans' Guest House, a home away from home for veterans who need a temporary place to stay.

"Sometimes they're coming from areas and they were spending their own money on hotels and motels and sleeping in cars," Rivera said. "We can't have that."

These vets will need to keep the dice rolling until 3 p.m. Sunday, April 6, but they're spending those hours with good company who love the competition as much as they do.

"Some people haven't played board games in 15, 20 years since they had children," said Rivera. "Now, that children are gone, they're like 'board games are for kids'. No, they're not; they're a great way to just relax, socialize. It's a great social environment."

If you can't make it down to Merwin's Game Shoppe, you can still help the cause. Donate to the link posted under "Related Links."