Local Family Wins $10K Bathroom Makeover

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SPARKS, Nev. -- A local woman and her mother get the surprise makeover of a lifetime, a $10,000 bathroom makeover after winning a contest put together by two local contractors who just wanted to give back to a community following a successful business year.

Colleen Crews doesn't get many visitors, so when she opened her door in the morning, she was thrilled to see who was there.

"They told us they were coming to measure today and I wasn't expecting it at all," she said. "I saw KOLO News and I thought 'oh my goodness I bet we won."

Sparks Tile and Stone, and Family Custom Shower and Bath are owned by friends, Roger Mills and Cindy Thomas. They selected Colleen Crews and Betty Farr from a group of 25 applicants, who desperately needed a new bathroom, but couldn't afford one.

"Since the community was so good to us, maybe we could do something to give back a little bit," Mills of Family Custom Shower and Bath said.

They narrowed the finalist to three and there was something about Crews and Farr that stuck out to them.

"Colleen really touched our hearts. She is a superwoman, and she has taken care of other people and she doesn't complain and she just does what she needs to do and she's been through so much," Thomas of Sparks Tile and Stone said.

Crews wrote them a letter describing how her bathroom was so small, her disabled mother couldn't even get through the bathroom with her wheelchair.

"[Betty] says to me all the time which would break my heart, 'I'd just like to sit in the shower,' which is a pretty big blessing," Crews said.

She devotes her entire day to taking care of her 90-year-old mother.

"She's all I got," Betty Farr said.

Without the proper facilities, using the bathroom can be draining. Farr hasn't taken an indoor shower in more than a year.

"We just bath her really good. We do one usually every morning and try to keep her comfortable and that's all we could do so without this bathroom makeover, we were pretty much lost," Crews said.

Mills and Thomas wanted to give back to the community that helped them in times of need. Now, thanks to them, Crews and Farr can finally have they bathroom they've always dreamed of.

"There are people out there that will do things for free just for caring about other people," Mills said.

Mills says the entire makeover will take about a week to 10 days. Stay with KOLO 8 News as we will follow up with Farr and Crews once the transformation is complete.

Both businesses say if business goes well this year, they will try to offer a similar makeover next year.