Local Businesses Alter Hours For New School Schedule

RENO, NV - When the Washoe County School District adopted a new school calendar last year, it left more time for families to take vacations throughout the year. But for some businesses that employ high school kids, and cater to the younger crowd, the new calendar has meant a new business plan.

Friday was a busy day at Wild Island, and realistically this could be one of the last high attendance weekends of the season.

”Monday, ah, well, like just almost everybody else in Washoe County School District, first day of school,” says season ticket holder Antonio Way, who goes to middle school.

School starts on Monday in Washoe County, mid-August as part of the "new" school calendar.

Down the road, kids will get a week-long break in October, followed by an extended winter and spring break.

What it has meant to Wild Island is cutting short one of the busiest months of the season for them---and it doesn't just affect attendance, but the work force as well.

”Our staff is mostly in high school, so there is just no way for us to staff the park for a full day,” says Wild Island General Manager Scott Carothers.

Carothers says they'll stay open, weather permitting, until September 21st.

Wild Island staffers say they are well aware of all the variables that could make the new schedule a bust.

Transportation is one, plus a cooler September, and then there is the kids' fall schedule.

”Um, yeah, I guess I would,” says Lukas Farias, an 11-year-old season ticket holder when asked if he'd take advantage of the new schedule.

He continued, “I don't know. I have soccer and I'm going to have a lot of homework. So I''m not really sure if I am going to be able to. But I think a lot of other kids will.”

Wild Island does cater to families from other communities like Fernley, Fallon, even some parts of California. School is still out for them.

On the plus side, water park admission has been cut in half for the modified weekday schedule.