Local Business's Sweet Smell of Success

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FERNLEY, Nev. -- Nothing beats coming home to the scent of baked goods or the aroma of flowers. One local woman's business puts out the sweet smell of success and shows the tricky science behind candle-making.

The sweet smell of brownies and vanilla fill the house, but there is not food in sight; this isn't your typical kitchen.

Pots and pans are scattered throughout the kitchen, as well as tarps and burners; this kitchen also serves as a laboratory. Lacey Cunningham has been perfecting her candles for more than three years, testing fragrances, melting hundred of different waxes and now selling them.

"I've always liked candles a lot and I just thought it would be fun to create on my own and have something that I didn't have to go buy all the time," she said. "I just like the way they make your house smell and when you walk into someone's house, it's just kind of inviting."

It's not as easy as it looks; making candles is a costly science.

"They smoked a lot, the oil seeped out a lot because I had too much in them," she said.

Through trial-and-error, Cunningham turned her home into a testing facility and her husband, a guinea pig.

"I'd come home and there would be about 20 candles burning at once and they'd burn 10 to 15 hours at a time," her husband, Justin said. "It was a funny smell, our house kind of smelled for a while."

In just one day, Cunningham makes about 80 candles. What makes them unique is they have two wicks and when you light them, they burn all the way through without the wax tunneling.

Her business is called American Ranch Candles. The candles burn from 40 to 55 hours and are sold in Scholaris across Northern Nevada.

"It's a labor of love...it's not just about making money, the best product is making people happy," Marlese Thomas, customer said.

Cunningham has big dreams for her business, but for now, she's perfectly content not cooking in her kitchen.

To learn more about American Ranch Candles, visit the link below.