Local Business Hits Home at Ball Park

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RENO, Nev. -- The next time you go the ball park, you'll find a new healthy option among the choices at the concession stand. A new protein drink is not only fit for athletes, but also for your family. The best part-- it's made in northern Nevada.

Alison Prentice loves going to baseball games. Even when she lived in Canada, she rarely missed an opportunity to hit the ball park. As a nurse she would treat athletes. She knows just what it takes to be healthy in competition.

"At every age, there's important reasons why you should be increasing your protein intake and that's not just on a daily basis," said Prentice. "If you're under stress and that could be stress at work or anything, you need to be boosting that protein intake."

Tired of all the thick, bland protein shakes existing in the market, Prentice and her friend decided to move down to Sparks to start a business that would offer a healthier alternative.

"We really wanted to create a beverage, a protein water that was good enough for athletes but also accessible and delicious enough for families," she said. "It has no fat, no lactose, so you don't get the indigestion or bloating you get from other protein drink."

After a year of experimenting, Kees Protein Drink was born, but it's not always easy breaking into a business world dominated by men.

"There are so many places that have beverage contracts where little guys like us can't get in," she said "I'm frustrated that i haven't raised the capitol yet. i hate to think that it is because of my gender."

However, her female-run business is now the secret weapon and official protein drink of the Reno Aces.

"We're building jobs in Nevada and it's just about finding the right person who sees what we're doing and who sees that this isn't just a protein company; it's really about making a difference in people's lives.

Kees Protein Drink can be found at the Aces Ball Park and your local Scolari's.