Local Author Inspires Injured Children

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RENO, Nev. -- Accidents can happen to anyone, but they can make daily activities seem like a hassle; something as simple as taking a shower can seem difficult. One local nurse turned her accident into an inspirational tool for children with debilitating injuries.

Molly Scott, RN stays active with three jobs and a rock climbing hobby on the side. She had decided to take a stab at indoor rock climbing one November day in 2011, which ended up changing her lifestyle a little over a year.

"It was miserable. You know it definitely took a couple weeks for me to set in what had exactly happened and the severity of it," Scott said.

Molly had fallen ten feet off the rock climbing wall and had broken her ankle in three different places.

"I was just getting into the sport, I had done some bouldering," she said.

It was an accident that confined Scott to a bed for three months, which left her in a depression.

"I definitely hit a low point. I think it was two months in, and you know laying in bed and seeing the same atmosphere every day, it gets to you," she said.

Walking, cooking and showering became daily challenges, but her doctor gave her a new perspective.

"I would start to complain about little things and he said at one point later on in the road, 'You know you're lucky to walk' and I said 'What? You never even told me that was even an option!'" She said. "I think they didn't want to put that in my head."

With a new appreciation for life, Molly had found solace through her writing.

"I just sort of envisioned this younger girl who was experiencing the same trial as me," Scott said. "I put a story on paper and every day I transformed my trials into her and what she would do and it sort of produced itself."

The book explores themes of magic and imagination--things Molly hope children can use to distract them from the pain.

"We all have scars, limitations, trials, injuries, but they don't have to define you."