Livestock Taken From University's Main Station

University Main Station Laboratory where most livestock moved for flooding event

Cows are the only livestock that remain at the University's Main Station in east Reno.

Within the next 48-hours they too will be moved to higher ground with this another herd to stay away from any flooding.

"Actually have completed moving everything except for these guys, and that will happen either saturday afternoon or Sunday morning," says Bo KIndred with the Main Station Field Laboratory

From the highest point you can see the entire farm, and where the trouble started the last day of 2005.

You can see the levy that has since been fortified.

But back in 2005-flood waters from tributaries in the south broke through the levy and started flooding a pasture where sheep had been moved.

The pasture had historically been a safe place until the breach, while crews tried to save the sheep, it became too dangerous in the hip deep water.

More than three hundred sheep would wind up dead.

Since then an emergency evacuation plan has been revised and most of the animals here--which include sheep,horses,goats and llamas have been moved to the former equestrian center near the university.

We are told most of them are the covered arena, or in stalls for safety.

None of that could have been possible without the help of students, instructors and other personnel who have worked countless hours at the Main Station Field Laboratory.

Officials say every flood event is different, but once the flooding stops and the coast is clear, they say it will take a day to get all the livestock back home.