Lippold on CD2 Race: I'm in to Stay

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Carson City – Congressional candidate and former U.S.S. Cole Commander Kirk Lippold said Wednesday that his resolve to run and win in the race for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District is as strong as ever, following the announcement that the special election for the seat will be open to all candidates.

“I want to put a quick and decisive end to any speculation about my candidacy: I am in this race to stay and regardless of the outcome of the special election, I will also be a candidate for CD2 next year,” Lippold said.

“If the Republican Central Committee decides to hold a separate election anyway, however, I will not participate. While Central Committee members are hardworking, dedicated, and a vital part of the political process in Nevada, a decision of this magnitude should be open to all voters and not left in the hands of a small group of party insiders. Whether running against the Harry Reid machine or habitual Republican candidates, now or in the primary election next year, I am undeterred in my goal to restore Nevadans’ faith in their elected leadership and to bring a measure of honesty, integrity and proven, tested leadership to the political landscape.”

The 2nd Congressional District seat became open when Rep. Dean Heller was appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to replace Senator John Ensign, who has resigned.