Lining Up for the New iPhone 5

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RENO, NV - The line on the sidewalk in front of the Apple Store at the Summit shopping center started Thursday, in anticipation of the new iPhone 5, out on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 8 o’clock Friday morning.

Local high school student Matt Edgington was the first person to show up at 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon.

“I did this two years ago for the iPhone 4 but I was way at the back of the line,” Edgington said. “This time I didn’t want to miss out.”

As the line grew behind him he had some dinner and settled in for a night of waiting.

“I’m pretty much set for anything,” Edgington said. “I have a space heater, a sleeping bag, snacks, drinks and an SAT prep book so I’m good to go.”

He said his mom wasn’t originally on board with the idea but he manager to persuade her. She’s the one who brought the space heater.

“I didn’t want to pre-order online, I wanted the experience of camping out and getting the phone before everyone else gets it in the mail,” Edgington said.

The Summit has 24-hour security and restrooms were open all night for those determined to be among the first to own the new phone.

Apple isn’t saying how many they have in the store but this year Edgington doesn’t have to worry if he’ll get one or not.

“I’m feeling pretty good about going in there I’m pretty excited about getting it,” he said.