Lighted Crosswalk Helps UNR Students/Faculty

RENO, NV - Campus move-in day isn't tough on freshmen and their parents alone. Drivers in the area faced slower traffic and increased police enforcement Thursday on Virginia and Sierra Streets, two main arteries that feed on and off campus. Plus a relatively new lighted crosswalk hopes to keep students and faculty safe beyond the first week of school.

If you were at the UNR campus last fall semester, the crosswalk at Virginia and College Drive looked much different.

If you went to school here, and are now a faculty member, you can remember what is was like years ago with just painted stripes and no light.

“So when we would try and cross the street, no one was looking and you could get hit at any moment. This is fabulous,” says Stephanie Dixon, UNR Faculty Member.

“With this crosswalk, it's much easier getting to classes now; it only takes me 5 minutes. And I live right behind the Wolf Den so it makes it a lot easier,” says Stephanie Ralli, a Junior at UNR.

The light was installed by RTC six to eight months ago; it's helped make Virginia Street safer near campus.

But for the next couple of days, drivers in the area are going to need more than just a traffic light to stay out of trouble.

With students moving into dorms, there will be plenty of foot traffic you'll need to be aware of, and certain streets like Sierra are clogged with cars picking up and dropping off students and their items.

And be aware too, Reno P.D was patrolling this area Thursday morning looking for and citing distracted drivers.

“Using your cell phone, talking on the cell phone, texting, it could also mean inputing into your GPS. People don't think about that. We ask that people input the address to the GPS in the driveway in front of their home before they leave,” says Sergeant Joe Robinson, with Reno P.D. Traffic

Sergeant Robinson says beginning Friday morning, statewide, operation “Back to School” goes into effect.

All law enforcement will be patrolling areas like UNR, school zones, and other areas making sure speed limits are adhered to.

They'll also be looking for distracted drivers.