No One Injured After Inflatable Slide Goes Airborne in Victorian Square

courtesy KOLO 8 News Now viewer Nicc Thomson
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SPARKS, NV- A fast moving wind swept through Victorian Square Friday afternoon, and sent a bouncy house like inflatable slide flying through the air. It happened around 2:30 Friday afternoon, Just as Star Spangled Sparks events were starting to kick-off.

The amusements in Victorian Square were set to start around 3:00. They were going through safety checks right when the incident happened.

The owner of classic amusements, the company that operates the slide, says it had just gone through a safety check and a city inspector had given it a clean bill of health. It was tied down with 1000 pounds of weight, But that didn't matter when the wind picked up.

"It was almost like a mini tornado. I think the wind was probably 60-70 miles an hour and that was it. It just lifted it off the ground. Broke tethers, just lifted the tethers right up ripped it right off," said Georgoe Dolivo, the owner of Classic Amusements, the company that operates the slide.

"The wind caught it just perfect. shot it toward a tree where my son was sitting and then it just flipped it up into the air and i mean it went higher than a lot of the buildings and then it landed way over there," said Nicc Thompson, who witnessed the accident.

"I am guessing a couple hundred feet at least. And I was thinking oh my god, I hope there are no children in there. We heard later that some kid had just been in there an had gotten out and they were just kinda getting ready to open it to everyone else," said Derek Smith, who also witnessed the accident.

No on was one the slide when it went airborne. The slide landed about 300 feet away. In the process, two light poles were knocked down. We're told one was knocked over by the slide itself, the other knocked over by the wind. The wind also downed some fences and caused some other damage.

Surprisingly, there were not any severe injuries in this incident. The fire department tells me they only responded to minor injuries like sprained wrists.

The owner of the company says in 30 years of business, this has never happen before.