Letters Detail SMS Shooter's Plan

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SPARKS, NV - Nearly seven months after a seventh grader opened fire at Sparks Middle School, new details are being released about the 12-year-old boy who pulled the trigger.

It's still unclear if there was motive, but the 1,300-page report reveals that he was having trouble at school and that teasing was a factor. Jose Reyes wrote two letters that described what led him to bring a gun to school on October 21st.

"There are several instances reported during the investigation in which the suspect was mistreated by other students at sparks middle school," said Chief Brian Allen from the Sparks Police Department.

12-year-old, Jose Reyes, wrote a letter to those at his school, expressing his desire for revenge, stating "Today is the day when I kill you...for the embarrassment you did."

A little after 7 a.m., his mother was dropping him off in front of campus, when she noticed a BB gun rifle in his backpack. He said it was for a class project, but she didn't buy it and took it from him, completely unaware there was another gun inside.

In his letter, Reyes vows to "get revenge on the students and teachers for ruining life." He leaves his mom, walks to the basketball court and finds Kaelin Guerrero, his first victim. According to witnesses, Reyes took the gun from his backpack, pointed it at him and said, "You ruined my life now I'm gonna ruin yours."

When he shoots Guerrero in his shoulder, he brings to life the angry taunt from his letter "...see how you like it when someone making fun of you."

"Guererro was observed telling the suspect that he did not have the muscles to participate in P.E. Called him names during PE and was at one point involved in an incident where water was spilled on the suspects pants and the kids made fun of him for peeing his pants," Chief Allen said.

At 7:15 a.m., after shooting Guerrero, Reyes' gun malfunctions, giving his first victim time to get away, but also bringing his next victim, teacher Michael Landsberry into the line of fire. The math teacher tries to talk him down, but Reyes fires a shot into his chest, killing him.

From there, he moved to the courtyard where he shot two rounds aiming at another teacher, Eric Perez, but the bullets hit the building.

That's when Mason Kamerer moved toward Reyes, not knowing he had a gun. Reyes shoots him in the stomach.

"Have a great death at school," is the final line in the letter to those at SMS. At 7:17 a.m, Reyes walks back toward the body of Michael Landsberry and shoots himself in the head.

Jose Reyes had written a second letter to his parents, apologizing for his actions, stating, "When I die I will go back to the past and fix everything," telling him he loved them and to be an honorable son, "I wish I could be a smart and better kid so I can be a better son in our family."

Sparks Police leaves the report with a final note as a reminder to always be kind.

"To students: be nice, be kind, treat your fellow students with respect. We all are a little different. It does matter."

When his mother, Liliana Urtiz got a call that there was a shooting at her son's middle school, she ran to the kitchen cupboard where she noticed two handguns had been moved, that's when she knew her son was involved.

In her statements, she says the only thing unusual about Reyes that morning was that he asked her to comb his hair, something he never asked to do because he was a "big boy."

Reyes' parents will not be charged with any crime.

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