Legislators Face Key Deadline

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CARSON CITY -- State legislators passed several highly-anticipated bills this week as a key deadline nears. Friday, unless given an exemption, bills must pass out of committees.

A bill creating medical marijuana dispensaries in the state advanced out of a committee Thursday.

'Brianna's bill' was also passed by a senate committee. The bill would mandate the collection of DNA samples from anyone arrested for a felony.

A bill moves forward that would fund repairs at Washoe County schools. The bill moved out of a committee minus a provision that would have given the school board the power to raise taxes. If approved, the legislature would be implementing a sales and property tax increase for Washoe County. Since the measure would be imposed by state legislators, it now needs a greater amount of support to reach the governor's desk.

A measure to remove the definition of marriage from the state constitution is moving out of a committee. The constitution defines marriage in the state as between a man and a woman. An amendment to the bill would mean it would not only remove the definition of marriage, but also now require Nevada to allow same-sex couples to wed. The joint resolution must pass two sessions and be approved by the voters.

The Assembly Health and Human Services Committee is approving forcing chain restaurants to show nutrition information. The mandate would apply to those restaurants with fifteen or more locations.

Panels of legislators could vote on many more bills Friday -- that includes a measure that would enable undocumented immigrants to obtain driving privilege cards.

Legislators face another deadline on April 23 -- that's when bills must pass out of the first house.