Legislators Consider Horse-Tripping Ban, Other Animal-Related Bills

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CARSON CITY -- Animal advocates met with legislators on 'Humane Lobby Day'. This session state lawmakers are considering a number of bills related to animals and wildlife.

Among the bills up for discussion is a ban on horse-tripping -- the practice of a cowboy trying to lasso a horse's leg at full-gallop.

"We're trying to make it a statewide ban because it's exploding all over the place in the state," Senator Mark Manendo (D-Las Vegas) said.

A ban on horse-tripping failed to make it out of a previous session. Some legislators had concerns the previous bill was overly broad.

"When you're trying to get (a horse) on the ground to treat it or doctor it, you've got to make it lose balance to get it down, better than choking it until it chokes down," Senator Pete Goicoechea (R-rural Nevada) said.

The bill will go before a committee on Tuesday.

Activists were also backing a bill to ban hunting black bears in Nevada.

Another measure being considered would prevent dogs from being labeled 'vicious' solely base on breed.