Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada Health Exchange

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RENO, NV - Thousands of Nevadans could ultimately be involved in a class action suit filed against the state, the health insurance exchange, and Xerox. The suit accuses the parties of gross negligence in their handling of health exchange enrollees, their payments, and effective coverage dates.

We've shown you Larry Basich just about every week here on KOLO 8 News Now as he testified to the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange Board.

“Had a heart attack on New Year's Eve. I suffered, incurred, not suffered, but it was suffering too, I incurred $407,000 in health care costs,” Basich testified just last week.

While Basich paid for insurance coverage back in November and kept up with his premiums, no one had a record of that. Now he has attorneys representing him.

They claim the state health exchange along with Xerox have burned thousands of Nevadans who have selected and paid for coverage on an effective date, but have received none of what they have paid for.

“I talked to a mom an hour ago who has skin cancer. And she can't go in and have the skin cancer treated because her doctor says who is your carrier?” says Plaintiff's Attorney Matthew Callister

Callister's class action lawsuit names the state, the health exchange, and Xerox as defendants, accusing them of gross negligence when it comes to the state's health insurance exchange known as Nevada Health Link.

While Basich and another plaintiff is named in the suit, Callister says there are another possible ten thousand Nevadans in the same boat.

With tens of thousands of Nevadans still caught in the exchange's computer system, there is no telling how many additional enrollees will end up named, as plaintiffs, on the front page of the lawsuit.

The class action lawsuit was filed in Clark County District Court.

But Callister says notices will be out statewide in the next couple of days informing Health Link enrollees about the suit.