Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Dangerous Drivers

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WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. – Local law enforcement officers are cracking down on traffic violations at local intersections.

Sparks Police, Reno Police, Nevada Highway Patrol and Washoe County Sheriff’s Office are holding an enforcement campaign during the month of April.

Sparks police tell KOLO 8 News Now the most common violations are Red Light and Duty to Decrease Speed.

In addition, police say there are continued violations of the cell phone law, with people talking and texting while operating their vehicle.

Police want to remind all drivers if you have a cell phone in your hand and are talking, texting, or accessing information, you are in violation. Even if you are at a stoplight, the law still considers that “operating a vehicle”.

As a reminder, police say total fines for Red Light and Duty to Decrease your Speed are $150 and $112 for violating the cell phone law. This does not include the points that may be added to your drivers license and possible impact to your insurance fees.
Drivers are encouraged by law enforcement to drive the speed limit, slow down on yellow lights, stop on red lights, and use their handheld communication devices only when they are safely parked off the road.

Funding for this enforcement is provided by the Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety.