SUSPECT IDENTIFIED: Incident Shut Down Sun Valley Blvd. for Hours

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RENO, Nev. -- The search for a suspect in an assault with a deadly weapon led to a lock-down in a Sun Valley neighborhood early Saturday afternoon.

Officers located the suspect's car in a trailer park, near Sun Valley Boulevard and 5th Avenue. After setting up a perimeter around the area, Washoe County deputies learned a nine year old girl was inside one of the homes with the suspect.

Despite deputies attempts, the girl would not come out of the trailer - leading officers to believe it was a hostage situation and they called in SWAT members. But before the team could get ready, the girl came out. The suspect surrendered a short time later.

Deputies arrested Jose Carrillo-Ceballos without incident. He faces charges including Assault with a Deadly Weapon (two counts), Burglary, Child Endangerment, and Domestic Battery.

At one point during the operation, law enforcement shut down Sun Valley Blvd. from 5th Ave. to 6th Ave. It remained closed for a few hours before the situation was resolved.