Last-Minute Super Bowl Preparations

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RENO, NV -- Millions of fans will be tuning in Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. While some will head to the sports bars, others will be throwing their own parties, which is not a cheap or easy task. Locals are still determined to throw good Super Bowl parties at the last minute.

With less than 24 hours from the big game, party hosts are making the mad dash to the grocery stores.

"We're just getting some beer, chips, pizza, just a few little snacks," said Darena Reutenko of Reno.

"I've been kind of doing it throughout the week, but i got the pizza cooking next door, so thought I'd come by and pick up some last minute stuff here," Chris Abbott from Reno said.

Locally, stores like Scolari's have been preparing weeks in advance, stocking up on the essentials, like chicken wings, chips and of course, beer. Store clerks say they've had a 5-8% increase in meat and deli sales this week.

"Frozen chicken wings really sell out fast. Everybody wants to do their homemade sauce, their special sauce. frozen meatballs do great too," Matt Morales, Scolari's head clerk, said. "We get all sorts of people buying finger foods of all types: chips and dips, beer."

A survey from the National Retail Federation shows football fans will spend $12.3 billion on the big game, which is about $68 per fan.

"Probably anywhere from $40 to $50 with all that said throughout the week, I'd be close to $100 dollars," said Abbott.

Still, many hosts aren't looking to cook a feast, but something easy and quick to whip up.

"You don't want to be in the kitchen and going to look at the TV all the time," said Reutenko. "You kind of want an easy access to snacks."

Don't wait too long to get your hands on the snacks. Stores are selling out quickly. Store clerks warn that the last couple hours before kickoff are their busiest time. If you still have an item or two to pick up, go earlier in the day, or expect to wait in line.

"Buy early," said Morales. "Get what you want early before they run out.

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