Last 3-Day Weekend For Ski Resorts

RENO, NV - “Took the day off work to bring him up since he is out of school, took advantage of it--got to ski on real snow: Finally,” says Jim Robison, who told us about his day of skiing with his son at Mt Rose on Monday .

“Really nice and just a lot of powder, just really nice if you go on the right runs,” says Robison's son Kelton.

Not too windy, not too cold, and some real snow to ski on—those were the conditions at the resort on Monday.

Consider the alternative and the skiers and snowboarders tell us this was a great way to spend their weekend.

”Kind of got up and out of the blue said we should go. And we went and it's kind of nice to go,” says Sean Ashlock, a snowboarder at Rose.

“I'm from Arkansas just down for the weekend and Friday it was windy and ice, and they got about six inches of snow last night in the daytime yesterday or something like that and it's been great out here,” says Mason Murdock, another snowboarder about his 3-day weekend.

Most of the skiers didn't come from as far away as Arkansas.

The resort says if they are from out of town, most likely they came from the Bay Area.

A recent storm and a sprinkling of snow Saturday night made it worthwhile for them to trek up to this Sierra resort and perhaps let loose the ski demons inside.

“As an operator's perspective, hopefully that demand stays with them and they will come three or four more times this season now that the snow is great and hopefully more snow is on the way,” said Murray Blaney with Mt. Rose.

Blaney remains hopeful there's still some ski business to be had.

He says next week some Bay Area schools are off, and there's always the Easter Holiday.....let's hope for a Miracle March, he says.