Las Vegas Officer Kills Wife and Son, Burns Home

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Police have released a chilling 911 call of a Las Vegas police lieutenant calmly reporting that he shot and killed his wife and 5-year-old son, set his house afire and would kill himself when firefighters arrived.

Investigators' reports made public Monday say that when officers arrived at Hans Walters' burning home in Boulder City, he went inside and fatally shot himself.

His body was found later, along with the bodies of 46-year-old Kathryn "Michelle" Walters and their son, Maximilian.

In a calm voice, Walters clearly identifies himself for a 911 dispatcher and says he killed his wife and son because his wife's chronic back problems had become unmanageable.

Henderson police conducted the investigation and released the findings to close the case.

Michelle Walters was a retired Las Vegas police officer.