Highway 95 Back Open After Landslides in Mineral County

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UPDATE 4:40 A.M. - Highway 95 in Mineral County is back open after being closed for severe weather, police say.


Severe weather has closed parts of Highway 95 in Mineral County, deputies say.

Sheriff Stewart Handte reports that a mudslide nearly two miles long is currently covering Highway 95 just south of Hawthorne. The mess is the result of flash flooding that occurred around 7 pm. N-DOT is currently on scene to clean up the debris and reopen the road.

There is currently no word on how long the cleanup is expected to take.

A search and rescue mission is underway to determine if anyone is in danger. Sheriff Handte reports that one deputy was injured in a crash while responding to the scene. His injuries are only minor.

We will update this story as we receive more information.