LATCH Anchor Changes for Child Safety Seats

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RENO, NV - If your car was made after 2002, you'll find hooks in and around the passenger seat which are intended for use with a child safety seat. Parents who use that "latch" system should be aware of some regulation changes taking place in February.

Most car seat anchors are only equipped to handle 40 to 65 pounds. Starting next month those anchors will have a minimum requirement to hold up to 65 pounds. In addition, the weight of a car seat must be noted on the installation instruction label. That way, parents will be able to calculate the combine weight of their child and the seat.

According to the new rules, you can continue to use a car seat when the combined weight of your child and the seat exceeds 65 pounds. But you can not secure it using the latch system. Check out the links for information about child seat inspection and installation classes available to parents.