Krueger Announces Candidacy for Carson City D.A.

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CARSON CITY, NEV--Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger is announcing his candidacy for Carson City District Attorney.

Krueger has been second in command at the Carson City District Attorney’s Office since 2012.

In a statement releases Saturday, Krueger said he intends to continue growing services aimed at protecting victims.

“I am dedicated to the people of Carson City and am committed to making the District Attorney's Office a modern, efficient legal team,” he said.“Our prosecutors and staff will have a career path, our processes will be streamlined and green to save taxpayers money without jeopardizing public safety, and our goal will be to seek justice in every case."

Prior to joining the Carson City District Attorney's Office, Krueger was the Assistant District Attorney for Lyon County; a Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Attorney General's Office; and a law clerk to the former judges Michael E. Fondi, William A. Maddox, and former Supreme Court Justice William A. Maupin.