Krolicki on CD2: It is an Opportunity I Will Leave Others to Pursue

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“One of the great opportunities in my professional career was the privilege of working in Washington, DC in 1994 with one of Nevada’s finest representatives in Congress – Barbara Vucanovich. It is this very same seat, Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, in which a series of remarkable events have led to a unique and extraordinary opportunity to serve the citizens in this sprawling district currently covering ninety percent of Nevada. It is, however, an opportunity that I shall leave for others to pursue and I will not be a candidate in this special election.

“It has been said that politics is about timing and that opportunities are usually few and far between. I believe both of those statements are true, and while I appreciate the countless number of people from all over Nevada and across the country who have encouraged me to run, now is not the time.

“Although I am committed to continuing my public service to the people of Nevada and consider it absolutely critical to elect more conservatives to Congress – my family, my party and my responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor must come before this great opportunity.

“I have been blessed with a supportive wife and three incredible young daughters who are the foundation of my world. They are a remarkable, politically-tested family willing to make a family sacrifice to encourage my continued service, but respect and support my decision to forego this opportunity.

“I firmly believe that political parties have a role in elections and I fully support the Nevada Republican Party’s lawsuit to protect their ability to nominate the candidate of their choice. Voters rely on parties to vet candidates and put their best choice forward. Robbing voters of that knowledge, and the political parties of that process, seems shortsighted.

“Lastly, my responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor are to the current legislative session, in which I serve as the President of the Senate, and to my work as Chairman of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development. This state is facing a fiscal crisis of historic proportions, and all participants in the legislative process should be completely devoted to its successful and thoughtful conclusion. The demands to immediately raise federal campaign funds and to organize a campaign team would be, in my opinion, unconscionable distractions during the final weeks of the Legislature or during any subsequent Special Legislative Session should it be necessary in the months ahead.

“Kelly and I cannot adequately express how grateful we are for the unbelievable support we have received. Closing the door on opportunity is never easy, but you have my word that I will do everything I can to help ensure that the 2nd Congressional District elects a committed, principled conservative who will work with Senator Heller and Congressman Heck in Washington, and with Governor Sandoval and me in Nevada, to lower taxes, rein in government spending and always put the people of Nevada first.”