Kittens Abandoned at Car Wash Now Safe at Animal Control

Photo courtesy of Tasha Voisey.
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RENO, NV - Seven kittens are now in the care of the Washoe County Animal Control after being abandoned at a car wash Wednesday.

The kittens were dropped off in a box at The Wave Car Wash on Evans Avenue the afternoon of September 11, 2013, according to an official with Washoe County Animal Control.

Bowls of food and water were found outside of the box.

KOLO 8 viewer Tasha Voisey tells us that she found the kittens and was able to place six of them in her car. The seventh kitten was retrieved from the nearby shrubbery.

Officials from Washoe County Animal Control arrived and took all seven kittens to Animal Control.

An evaluation of the kittens showed that they're between 3 and 5 weeks of age, their average weight is 1.5 pounds and they tested negative for panleukopenia, the equivalent of parvo for kittens, according to an official with Animal Control.

All seven kittens received a vaccination.

The kittens were scheduled to be transferred by Animal Control to the SPCA of Northern Nevada, according to an official with Animal Control.

Once the kittens reach four pounds, which is considered a healthy weight, they will be available for adoption, according to an official with Animal Control.

People interested in adopting the kittens can contact the director of the SPCA, Tom Jacobs.