Downtown Reno Kings Inn Sold

RENO, NV - Just blocks from the heart of downtown Reno sits the Kings Inn.

If you think it looks like a dump, most people would agree with you.

And it's been like this since 1986 when the sprinkler, heating and ventilation systems failed fire codes.

iN 2012, brothel lobbyist George Flint suggested the city council legalize prostitution and use the place as the cornerstone of a red light district:

”We need to do things to make it a town people want to come back to. And I'm going to be hung in effigy tonight for saying this, but the truth is that's something we could do to bring people back,” said George Flint.

While that idea never took off, now, Kings Inn is off the block as news a Las Vegas developer is in the process of buying the former hotel-casino.

Amador "Chi Chi" Bengochea owns, among other things, Terrible Herbst service stations and hotel-casino properties in southern Nevada.

Escrow should close sometime at the end of the summer, and development plans are pending.

But they could include a residential component.

”It is fantastic for us. The more people living down here, the more regular customers we have. It's always better for business. We would love to see it,” says Trevor Leppek, owner of Nobel Pie Parlor.

Leppek, owner of Nobel Pie Parlor, is just a block away from the Kings Inn.

He says it's been an eyesore for years and welcomes any changes that can make downtown Reno more economically viable and exciting--a place people want to spend their time and money.

Mayor Bob Cashell says the selling of the Kings Inn is “fantastic news.”

When he took office, the Reno mayor promised redevelopment in that location before the end of his term.

That term expires in December 2014.