Killer of Girlfriend Gets Life in Prison

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RENO, NV - Life in prison with the possibility of parole is the sentence for a man who pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend.

At the same time, 28-year-old Brian Hobbs will serve 20 years with the possibility of parole for murdering Cherissa Davidson in September of 2011.

After he killed her, he buried her in his Sparks back yard, then dug her up and dumped her body in a Carson City ravine.

Hobbs had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Davidson's body was found Sept. 9 in Brunswick Canyon. She was identified by her fingerprints. When authorities went to her home they found Hobbs caring for her baby, who was not harmed.

Hobbs initially told police Davidson attacked him with a tire iron and she stabbed herself, according to previous court testimony. He then claimed he stabbed her and struck her in the head with the tire iron in self-defense, and that he "accidentally" stabbed her after she died.

Investigators described the incident as a "frenzied attack" in the couple's home.

According to testimony, Hobbs told police he buried her in the backyard of their home, but dug her up after he was worried the grave would be discovered. He then picked up a friend, whom he treated to fast food and movie rentals. Back at Hobbs' home, the friend helped him place Davidson in the back of her van after he said Hobbs paid him $20. The friend then refused to assist Hobbs any further.

The friend has a low mental capacity and was not charged in the case, authorities said.

Hobbs then placed Davidson's baby in the van and drove to Carson City, where he dumped the body down the ravine, testimony showed. He told police he thought she would decompose and "go away."

He also recounted Davidson's last words: "Tell my kids I love them."