Keeping Energy Bills Low During Colder Weather

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RENO -- As colder weather arrives, NV Energy is offering some advice to stay warm while keeping energy costs low. Chad Piekarz is an energy consultant for the utility company. He said a programmable thermostat is a great idea.

"Let it run at 68 degrees when you are home, 58 when you're not or when you're sleeping, that's going to make a giant impact on your bill," Piekarz said.

He said if a home isn't using energy efficiently, you should notice.

"If you notice the furnace is kicking on and off a lot that's usually a sign," he said. Piekarz said a larger than usual bill might also indicate there is a problem.

Other tips from NV Energy include: keeping your water heater at 120 degrees, closing foundation vents, making sure weather stripping and insulation are sufficient and cleaning your air filters.

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