Kaepernick Fever Spreads Through Northern Nevada

RENO, Nev. -- “GO KAP,” says a little boy at Silver and Blue Outfitters checkout counter.

He along with his dad, and others, waited in line patiently for their copy of the Kaepernick Edition of ''Sports Illustrated."

“We watched Kaepernick since he was a freshman. I'm a season ticket holder and he's phenomenal,” says Mary Grewe, a Kaepernick fan.

“He's awesome, he's just unbelievable just the real deal,” says Bunny Clark, another Kaepernick fan.

The owners of Silver and Blue say they were at a convention in Las Vegas, and while passing through the airport they saw the newest Sports Illustrated on the rack, they picked up all 60-of them.

“And we Face Booked and Tweeted, and told people we would have copies here at the store today,” Mark Glodowski.

With a two-limit maximum the store nearly sold out of their copies in less than an hour.

In Reno most places have sold out of the Kaepernick Sports Illustrated.

At the airport they will get a limited shipment in on Tuesday.

Some people in town who have the magazine mailed to them swear someone is stealing it from their mailboxes.

At CBS Sports Talk Radio, host Panama says Colin Kaepernick is all anyone wants to talk about locally.

He and his friend Trey Valentine wrote a song about it.

The music is from Ted Nugent's “Cat Scratch Fever.”

The words are Panama's and Valentine's.

“He's done Reno so proud, because he's just a good kid, his game is off the charts,” says Panama.

And just like this year's flu, Panama predicts Kaepernick Fever will spread even farther right after the 49ers win on Sunday.