KOLO Cares Fan Club Prepares For Return Of High Temperatures

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We may be getting a temporary break from the high temperatures at the moment, but there's no rest for the KOLO Cares Fan Club and its drive to furnish and electric fan to every senior in our area who needs one.

This morning Dawn Costa of Washoe Senior Services delivered a brand new fan to Evelyn Watson at her Sparks mobile home.

Evelyn says she's able to keep her home cool through some of the day by simply closing the curtains, but by afternoon on a hot day "It can get pretty hot in here."

She's more fortunate than many. Costa says many seniors live in cramped apartments or mobile homes without much insulation and little air circulation.

"It can be hotter inside than outside," she says, "because there's no air movement."

So, each summer, she says, many seniors just try to make it through the afternoon until they can open a window for some cooling breeze.

And, as they sit and swelter, they may be putting themselves at risk.
Each year, Costa says, a number of local seniors are hospitalized with dehydration.

So far, donations to the Fan Club have been keeping up with demand, but that will change.

"We get urgent calls when the temperatures are hot," Costa says. " Lots of times people live day to day and it's hard to think about the future, then suddenly they're caught in the middle of a hot summer."

Washoe Senior Services expects demand to exceed more than 400 this year and they'd like to avoid the waiting lists we've seen in years past.

Donations of new fans in original packaging or money can be made Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm at the Washoe Senior Center on East Ninth Street.

Further information can be found elsewhere on this website.