Just Between Friends Sale Stretches Young Families' Budgets

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Walk into the Exhibition Hall at Reno's Livestock Events Center the next three days.

Take a look around. If you have young kids you need, will need or already have but no longer need just about all this stuff.

It's all here from diapers, to clothes, to toys, to books, strollers. You get the idea. And I don't have to tell you that all this stuff has a short shelf life in any home.

"Our kids are growing and in that first year, they're growing out of things in 60 days and you need the next size," says Wendy Mazet.

She has a three year old son and she's a veteran of the biannual Just Between Friends sales.

"I've saved over $2,000 shopping here at the last four sales."

She's not only a shopper, she's brought stuff to sell.

"I'm leaving with a huge bag of clothes," she says. "I'm leaving with videos for my son, some books and some outdoor toys.

What I brought in was a lot of two year old, 24 month clothes, some things from when he was an infant, a rocker, a stroller, a high chair They're all in good condition, but I'm not in the position of having another child, so why hang on to brand new things that I got at my baby shower?"

And that's idea. Some of this stuff is new, never used. The used items have all been inspected. No tears, no stains. Everything works and has been checked for any recalls.

It's one big exchange. Major recycling. Stuff you need now. Stuff you no longer need, but someone else does. All of it changing hands in one place and helping stretch a lot of families' budgets.

It even makes sense to this reporter, who doesn't bring Mazet's life experience to this assignment. No kids, but I now have a couple of young grandsons. I've seen enough to understand. This is a good idea.

It's part of a good cause too. Proceeds from the admission ($3 dollars) goes to Step 2, a program helping young mothers dealing with substance abuse. Most of the unsold items will be donated to Casa de Vida, a home for young, unwed mothers-to-be.

Just Between Friends Sale is open to the public. Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-3pm and Sunday (Half-Price Day) 9am -2pm.