Just Between Friends Consignment Sale Turns Clothes into Cash

RENO, NV - With four kids, life in the Howard household can be hectic and expensive.

"They're constantly growing out of their clothes which are practically brand new," Sara Howard said.

So instead of letting them sit in storage boxes collecting dust, Howard is getting ready to resell the gently used clothes.

"If I were to have a garage sale, I would make a quarter or a half of what I would consigning it at the JBF sale," she said.

JBF, or Just Between Friends, is one of the largest children's consignment organizations in the nation. Every item sold looks brand new and is something parents would be proud to see their kids in.

"They have an inspection process so everything is in like-new condition," Howard said.

The Reno chapter of Just Between Friends is run by mother/daughter team, Vicki Dame and Katie Colling.

"Gently used means no rips, tears, broken missing pieces, make sure all the different parts are there, and the zippers work," Colling said.
"It's a great way to get rid of all the things kids grow out of. I'm spoiled now. I don't want to pay department store prices."

At the Just Between Friends sale, parents can find everything they need for their kids- from clothing, to toys and car seats.

And the kids don't know the difference. Colling says she buys six months worth of clothes for her children every sale, then at the next one, turns around and resells those still in good condition.

The appeal of the sale is being able to buy trendy, name brand children's clothes for a fraction of the cost.

One item Howard is selling is a lady bug outfit that retails for $37; Howard is selling it for $4. But don't think she is losing out. During the last sale, the average consigner made $350. But that's just the average.

"At the last sale, I made just over $1,000 which is a nice chunk of change," Howard said.

This year she is hoping to make a little more now that her first girl is growing up.

"I had three boys, so they were able to cycle through clothes, but I went a little crazy having a girl, so she has a lot of clothes," Howard said. "Some of it she only wore once, so hopefully some other little girl can wear them now."

And some other little girl will. Clothes that don't sell during the Just Between Friends sale can be donated to Casa de Vida, an organization that provides free assistance to women in poverty.

Step 2 also benefits from the event. All proceeds from entrance fees go to the organization that provides a safe place for women and children.

Getting involved in the sale is easy: you can volunteer, sell your old clothes, or just shop.

"If you've never consingned before, just come and shop this time and see what we're all about," Colling said.

She suggests making a list of items you need so you don't get overwhelmed.

To sell your items, register as a consigner at http://reno.jbfsale.com/homeView.jsp, print out tags for your items, and be ready to make up to 70% of your profits.

"If you volunteer you can get into the event a day early to shop, and make 70% of your sales. If you just sell your items, you will make 60%."

To learn more about the sale, there is a tagging event this Saturday April 12 at 3 pm. Information is located in the Hot Topics section of KOLOTV.com.

The next Just Between Friends sale will be held May 2-4th at the Livestock Events Center.