June Unemployment Numbers Drop; New Businesses Staff Up

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RENO, NV - Nevada's unemployment rate fell to 7.7% percent in June, the lowest it's been in nearly six years. The state added 5,300 jobs that month.

In Reno, two businesses that opened their doors last month are thriving.

Lex nightclub opened at the Grand Sierra Resort Casino July 11th.

"Saturday night we had 2,300 people in the door," GSR Director of Nightlife Andrew Burgoyne said. "It's part of the process of finding out what we can fit in here and how the room feels. Saturday night was a great indication for us and probably the busiest night we've had so far."

They originally hired 70 people to staff the $15 million nightclub and have added another 10 jobs in the past few weeks.

"The challenge was that a lot of people had not done this type of business before because this is a unique business for Reno," Burgoyne said. "There are smaller clubs in town so something on this scale was challenging but I think fortunately for us, the people we hired responded amazingly. I'm so impressed with the people we hired."

Lex is open Thursday through Sunday. Thursday is local's night.

Two weeks ago the Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger opened on South Virginia Street.

"We opened on July 25th at 11 o'clock in the morning, we're 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we'll never close again," Operating Partner Bruce Gorton said.

This is the second restaurant for the group. Their South Lake Tahoe restaurant is doing so well they wanted to expand to Reno. There was no shortage of applicants for positions here.

"We interviewed more than 1000 people and we hired 43 so we worked hard but we're excited about the staff we have," Gorton said.

The application process is extensive.

"The hiring process is insane!" server Alexandra Cosetti said. "First you come in and have your interview with Bruce. Next you interview in front of a steering committee which is a panel of eight people asking you questions. After that if you get pushed through you go to the owners and they make a final decision."

The owners say their focus is on their people and their product.

"I had 250,000 employees when I founded the Home Depot and the principles here are the same," Lucky Beaver Managing Partner Pat Farrah said. "People, people, people and quality product."

The hope is to continue to expand the business and retain most of their employees.

"Our passion is for our people and we want to give them the opportunity to grow a career so we're not hiring someone that wants a summer job," Gorton said. "We promote from within and we have very low turnover; ten percent in a business that has fifty percent."

"They want you to succeed here," Cosetti said. "This is moving forward with the company, this is where you see yourself in five years."