It's Official: Midtown Becomes a District

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Reno, NV - It's only been a few years since people started calling a certain section of Reno "Midtown." And this week, the City Council has taken a big step toward protecting the identity of it: voting to make it an official district.

The official Midtown District is located on South Virginia, stretching from California Avenue to Holcomb Avenue. The area has gone through a transformation over the last year. While there are still plenty of empty and rundown buildings, there are new shops and eateries that have just opened up.

"You know, we like it down here," says Brian Boren, a Sparks resident who was visiting Midtown to have lunch with his wife. "There are a lot of things that are improving as far as store fronts and things like that. So we try to come down here once a week and have lunch."

"What I think Midtown is doing is trying to build a counter culture area... like the Haight District in San Francisco," says Paul Doege, owner of Recycled Records.

Doege chose to open up his store's second location in Reno in the Midtown District because he thinks it's an exciting place to be. His store has only been open since June 1 in Midtown and he says it's doing much better than even he expected. He plans to shut down his original Recycled Records store off Moana Lane and Kietzke Lane later this year.

Next week, Wedge A Cheese Shop will open inside a building off Saint Lawrence Avenue and South Virginia Street where two other businesses will open later this summer.

There's also a farmer's market in Midtown every Wednesday.