It's Almost NadaDada Time

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RENO, NV - Local artists are gearing up for an event that will showcase just how creative and absurd people can be here in Reno.

It was preview day for this year's NadaDada event. Artists held a party at the Wildflower Village Motel. This is just one of the motels that will be part of the event that runs from June 14 - 17. This will be the sixth year of the art show that started as a way for artists to show off their work in a bunch of old Reno motels and turn each room into its own exhibit.

"They think outside the box, they act outside the box, they have total disregard for the box and you just have to love this crowd for that," says Paris Almond, one of the artists participating this year.

Event organizers say more than 70 artists have signed up to participate in the event this year.